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Devo's Profile




Name: Devo

Breed: Whippet

Owner: Carolyn Maxwell

Fully Accredited Assitance Dog




I've had type 1 diabetes for over 27 years, pumping for about 8 years.  Although I still get hypo warning signs I wanted to get an alert dog as an additional safety feature for my second job - truck driver (semi-trailer).  I always test before driving but unloading the trailer can be hard physical work so the test might show I'm OK right then but I may actually be starting to drop.  With the noise and vibration from the truck, and especially if at the end of a long day, I might then not pick up on the signs as soon.  I love my driving job so would never want to do anything to jeopardise my heavy vehicle licence so having a little alert buddy alongside me hopefully allow me to be an even safer driver.


Update January 2013

Devo has just released his first book, Devo and His Friends part 1 by Carolyn Maxwell. All sales of Devo's awesome book go to funding the training of more life saving dogs such as himself. Visit our merchandise page for a link to the Busy Dog Books website.