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Gabby's Profile


Name: Gabby

Breed: Standard Poddle

Owner: Paws for Diabetics Inc.

Handler: Sharon Scott

Fully Accredited Assistance Dog


Gabby is a very important member of the PFD "staff"! She is fully accredited and trained to assist her handler, Director of Training Sharon Scott, with her job of interviewing applicants, temperament assessing applicant's dogs, demonstrating PFD's training methods to clients and attending conferences/presentations/talks etc to showcase the standard of training our dogs must attain. Gabby loves meeting the dogs during their annual accreditation tests, to see how they respond to an unfamiliar dog. Gabby also enjoys taking applicants around the shops, showing them what it is like to handle a dog in public and how well trained PFD dogs have to be. Handling Gabby in public also gives our Director of Training the same experiences that our clients face and offers her the opportunity to develop our training programme to support those situations. Gabby's contribution to the success of PFD's programme has been immeaserable.